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Men are Frogs
by Saranna Dewylde

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Summertime is time for some magical reading after what we've experienced the past couple years. Saranna's twist in this book is a modern day take on the fairy tale characters we read about as a child. Fast forward to adulthood and experience the disappointments of the main character as she makes changes in her life. Men aren't all frogs - believe in the power of love! There are fairy godmothers everywhere, if you just believe!

Hurricane Summer
by Asha Bromfield

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This story is a heartfelt experience through the troubles of a teenage girl. I loved hearing the way she handled her struggles during the hurricane.

The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

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Percy is Poseidon's son, CRAZY! (cool to have super water ablities!) How will Percy ever get his mom back? WW3 is in Percy's hands! I think that this series will never disappoint. Can't wait to keep reading!

Tales from the Haunted South
by Tiya Miles

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Miles' academic study focuses on the sensationalism of slavery and the figures of African-American female slaves within the popular history phenomena of Southern ghost tours and Dark Tourism. She has the rare ability to balance scholarly research with captivating stories explored in an engaging, accessible writing style.

Pumpkin Town
by Katie mcky

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Very cute! very nice she likes a lot asked about the colors and compare the vines as hair styles .

Even The Dog Knows
by Jason F. Wright

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What a wonderful journey this author takes along with the reader. Pet owners already know the bonds created between animals and their humans. Jason's beautifully written saga shares understanding, forgiveness and healing within a broken family. Pets always know what is going on, we need to learn from them.

Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes
by Eric Litwin

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The book really makes me happy because it teaches you a lesson that even if you get something dirty it’s ok because it will always get better

Death and the Conjuror
by Tom Mead

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This nostalgic locked-room mystery features charming characters, atmospheric settings and a chance to match wits with the author as you look for clues to whodunnit.

the tuttle twins and the messed up market
by Connor Boyack

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It teachs a lot of facts about loans and entrpeurs

The Book Case
by Shelton

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I loved the plot of this book and the way it was expressed, but I personally felt that it could have been written in a more childish manner or a little more family friendly. I would love to see a sequel to this book where I can find out the next exciting adventure that Daphne, George, and Emily Lime have.