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Happy Pig Day!
by Mo Willems

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My favorite part is when piggy friends were showing their real faces to the elephant.

Goodnight, Irene
by Luis Alberto Urrea

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Did you ever hear of the Donut Dollies ? These women were part of the Red Cross during WWII. The novel follows Irene and Dorothy during their jobs as Donut Dollies. Their lives intersect with the horror of war. Friendships, loves, and duty frame this novel based on the true story of the author's mother, Irene. This is a work of fiction worth reading because history has forgotten these women.

Work, Dogs, Work a highway tail
by James Horvath

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My favorite part is when they finish their work and went to the beach.

Drop It, Rocket!
by Tad Hills

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My favorite part is when Rocket trade the boot for the book.

Great Short Books: a Year of Reading--Briefly
by Kenneith C. Davis

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Short articles on best short novels of all time, with a short article about the book, the author, and historical context. It gave me ideas for more reading!

Run and Rising
by Leigh Bardugo

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Great book!

I Have Ants In My Pants
by Julia Cook

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The kid thought he had ants in his pants but he doesn’t! He noticed that it just meant to not move to much.

The Power of Fun
by Catherine Price

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The New York Times refers to author Catherine Price as "the Marie Kondo of Brains." She is an award winning science journalist and speaker and author. I selected this book only based on the title. Here it is summer, I see kids having fun in every park I pass, and I am over "adulting" in a culture demanding high performance every minute of every day. I thought I would just scan chapters and pick and choose my activities. You will be drawn into this book very quickly. The author is skilled at presenting ideas based on science to have feel alive again and have fun in many ways. Loved the book!

A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home
by Jason Arnopp

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5 stars.

Arabiyya Cookbook
by Assil, Reem

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I like a cookbook that includes biographical info--this one includes moving and inspiring stories about the author's personal growth and activism. I would like to try the date cookies.