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The Lost Apothecary
by Sarah Penner

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Penner's wonderfully-promising debut features an intricately-plotted tale of women's lives and friendships that are often lost in the shadows of the historical record coupled with rich historical detail. The parallel narratives follow the stories of an 18th-century London apothecary who dispensed poisons as well as remedies to the women who needed them, her 12-year-old customer who takes a keen interest in her work, and a present-day wife whose troubled marriage reawakens her old historical ambitions.

Sea Of Monsters, The (percy Jackson And The Olympians, Book 2)
by Rick Riordan

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Quite a cliffhanger!!

An Observant Wife
by Naomi Ragen

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Beautiful story. Got a little lost in the descriptions sometimes but the book was great as a whole! Would recommend!

The Light We Carry
by Michelle Obama

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This is Michelle Obama’s second book on reflections about her life. It is a wonderful read especially as she faced challenges of great magnitude. She’s a great writer.

The Foundling
by Ann Leary

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The Foundling featured almost all of my favorite aspects of historical fiction, from intriguing topic to realistic, engaging characters. I would have enjoyed more period detail/description but that is entirely a personal preference and in no way detracted from the overall story.

The Midnight Library
by Matt Haig

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A meaningful message behind this story that focused on mental health awareness especially with the main character. The author did a spectacular job at describing what Nora was enduring and the writing made you feel as if you were there. Nora decides that she is no longer needed in the world and no one wants her there so proceeds to end her life, but ends up stuck in the “in between” of death and life. She now has an opportunity to view all other lives she could have taken and where she could have ended up. I loved the mentions of regrets and how they are apart of everyone because in the end we are all human. My only issue is during the middle it felt like the book was a bit boring and I would that it was repeating itself. However, it wraps up nicely in the end. Overall, I would definitely read this book again and recommend to my friends.

Night Of The Veggie Monster
by George McClements

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SCARY Storybook Collection
by Disney

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They love reading these stories again and again.

The Secret Keeper Of Jaipur
by Alka Joshi

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This is the second of a series, the first being the Henna Artist. It takes place in India and the characters are wonderful with very meaningful stories.

Six Years
by Harlen Coben

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Jake wants to find his lost love, but it becomes very dangerous to do this