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My Weird School Daze #8: Miss Laney Is Zany!
by Dan Gutman

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This book is fantastic because it shows you should never give up and only think positive.

Frog Neurobiology
by R. Llinas

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what a neurobiological book!

Disney Princess: 5-minute Princess Stories
by Disney Books

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They love these stories about their favorite Disney Princesses.

by Stephen King

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I've always wanted to read this but was too scared plus it's over 1,000 pages. King writes the perfect novels for long summer nights. The hundreds of pages of character development definitely pays off. A few differences from the movie that were additive. Great book if you have the guts!

Who Was Muhammad Ali?
by James Buckley, Jr.

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It is about a loyal legend named Muhammad Ali who prosudes his dreams and never gives up. I love this book because it is so interesting and to learn that the only thing that is important is what you think not the others.

Leonard (my Life As A Cat)
by Carlie Sorosiak

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It was a great book as someone who does not normally prefer books I enjoyed this one it was great for entertainment it was heart felt and kind I enjoyed the characters and the character development all in all it was a great book

Where Are They?
by Cindy Breedlove

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My favorite part was when the bird couldn’t find the walking stick since it was camouflaging like a twig.

I'm Bored
by Michael Ian Black

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The kid and a potato are bored. They were fighting until the potato saw a flamingo. The potato loves flamingos but when the potato came to the flamingo the flamingo said “I’m bored!”

Night Of The Veggie Monster
by George McClements

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The Sea Of Monsters
by Rick Riordan

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Who could've poisoned the camp's tree? Maybe it was Luke! Looks like Percy has to get the golden fleece and save the day once again.